Here’s a researched backed approach to saying sorry.

Sorry written on a typewriter


Is all I can think. I’m going to be late again.

On the drive, I’m trying to rationalize why I’m running late. I’m having a pretend conversation with my sister (the person I’m late to see). I’m trying to convince her imaginary avatar why I couldn’t be on time…

Lessons learned from successful YC applications

Y Combinator is the best startup accelerator in the world. It’s no surprise that getting accepted is more competitive than getting into Harvard, Stanford, or MIT.

Twice a year, there are roughly 30,000 applications for less than 150 spots. Meaning the acceptance rate is under 1%!

So what can you…


Tomorrow I will start a diet

Tomorrow I wake up at 5:00 am

Tomorrow I will start pursuing my dream

Tomorrow you’ll be dead

Two years ago I had the opportunity to interview dozens of people on their deathbeds. …

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you get a belt to denote your rank. The belts go white, blue, purple, brown, and finally black.

What does the belt ranking system have to do with learning?

It demonstrates the most overlooked step in the learning process and that is… Well before we get there…

Joe Robbins

Serial experimenter and whatever my current obsession is

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